3D Mandelbrot set - TETRABROT by Dominic Rochon, 2018. Artistic illustration of the Tetrabrot with several 3D divergence layers to infinity generated by a ray-tracing halo effect. A huge thank to Étienne Beaulac & Louis Hamel, from UQTR, for their nice work on the MetatronBrot Explorer.
METAFRACTAL - METABROT (Pseudo-OCTAHEDRON with fractal corners) by André Vallières & Dominic Rochon, 2018. The Metabrot is a principal 3D slice of the Metatronbrot. In multicomplex dynamics, the METATRONBROT is the 8D tricomplex generalization of the Mandelbrot set. Discovered in 2009, it can be interpreted as a particular case of dynamics of 4 complex variables.
Tricomplex Dynamics - 8D Mandelbrot set by Dominic Rochon, 2018. Genealogical schematization of the METATRONBROT. In multicomplex dynamics, the Metatronbrot is the 8D tricomplex generalization of the Mandelbrot set. The name "Metatronbrot" refers to the 2D geometric shape of the so-called Metatron's Cube of the Flower of Life, where the same three Platonic Solids (the cube, the tetrahedron & the octahedron) can be found with an orthogonal projection.
The Tetrabrot with the hyperbolic bifurcation diagram by Raphaël Gervais Lavoie, Samuel Lemay and Dominic Rochon.
Cosmic Tetrabrot by Étienne Beaulac and Dominic Rochon, 2018.
Rochon's Tetrabrot with various filled-in Julia sets by Pierre-Olivier Parisé, 2017.
The Tetrabrot
Animation of the Tetrabrot rendered using ray tracing with the Bicomplex Distance Estimation develloped by Étienne Martineau and Dominic Rochon.
The Tetrabrot
Here is the animation of different slices from of the generalized Mandelbrot set for bicomplex numbers.
The Tetrabrot
Here is an animation made from successive approximations of the bottom of the Tetrabrot.

Tetrabrot explorations made from the TetraBrot Explorer, 2005.

Warning: Large files size

Bicomplex Filled-in Julia Set Exploration #01

c = (0.26)e_1+(-1.754878)e_2

Bicomplex Filled-in Julia Set Exploration #02

c = (-1.754878)e_1+(-1.754878)e_2

Bicomplex Filled-in Julia Set Exploration #03

c = (0.27)e_1+(0.27)e_2

Fractal art compositions from bicomplex filled-in Julia sets. Artwork by Alec Bourque and Dominic Rochon, 2001.

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